Ron Rivera won’t “pull the plug” on Dwayne Haskins

Ron Rivera anticipated growing pains with quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

So even if they all came at once, Rivera’s not planning to make a change.

Via, Rivera said he had no intention to replace Haskins after his quarterback turned it over four times in a loss to the Browns.

“As long as he continues to do things that show you that he can make things happen, I’m going to support the young man,” Rivera said. “I’m not going to pull the plug on him because something like this happens. In my opinion, he’s barely through a rookie year right now, in terms of being out there, learning and growing. . . .

“He’ll get better. He’ll grow, and I think he’s a guy we can follow.”

Haskins threw three interceptions after getting through his first two games this year without one, and also fumbled late. But Rivera compared it to 2011, when he lived through some rough moments in Carolina with Cam Newton.

“That’s what we did with Cam Newton and look where he is today,” Rivera said. “Cam Newton is a league MVP because we trusted him and took our lumps with him. I’ll take my lumps with Dwayne right now.”

While Haskins hasn’t shown the upside of Newton, he also doesn’t have to look over his shoulder for the time being.